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NFL version of the cover of volume 40, like my doujin starts in the middle of volume 40 I resolved to do this alternative cover.

People may wonder: “But why an alternative continuation?”
It’s just because I started to have many ideas for Fairy Tail and when I realised they are too long I resolved to turn into a doujin. I choiced make an alternative continuation of the GMG arch because the Tartarus Arch wasn’t finished yet.

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elly and el! el’s name is el, pleasure to meet you, elly! ; v ; lies down doesn’t really know anyone literally threw myself into this but elly is cute!!

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thank you! what’s your name darling? ; v ; i hope you’ll welcome me i’m almost literally 2 i need a parent

you can just call me elly or what ever else you prefer !! and yours? and yesyes of course i will bc i know how hard it is to get started and everything~

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"Have you seen my left shoe? I can't find it."

"No, I haven’t. But if I find it somewhere in my apartment…"

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σғ ∂αүs gσηε ραsт


——— • ℱ • ———

      Many a long day had come to an uneventful end, and for
      one such ice make mage, this routinely involved staying
      out until the small hours of the night at the local tavern. He
      would rather have been there, in the company of no one 
      but himself, than back in the sergeants’ barracks surrounded
      by obnoxious wall guards who had nothing better to do.

      Gray Fullbuster, a mere barely-over-recruit level soldier 
      in the King’s royal military, was far from satisfied with his
      post. Perhaps he’d not been acclimatized to the changed
      of the mind and heart of one who’s seen their fair share of
      of war, but Gray despised the attitude held by most, and 
      often strove to be better. As though to contradict himself,
      his nights spent in solitary ponder were all but productive.


            ’ I'll take a pint, pronto. '

      Without looking, he waved down a waitress, keen on beginning
      his daily cleans of negativity. He situated himself at the farthest
      side of the tavern, ignoring the heavy ache of his armor.

The pub was bustling as usual but it wasn’t anything that the blonde couldn’t handle. Though once and a while curious hands would find her. She was thankful that she was able to compose herself well enough to not let it get to her. Already scorned by Master for other previous events, she has learned a thing or two. 

But one man… more like boy who order her for a drink made that serene expression turn quickly into a scowl. How strange it was that he would be so different from the others. Not even glancing at who he was talking to. With a nose high up in the air, ignoring the wave that she had received, went to fill up the mug for him. 

Heels heavily clicking against the wooden flooring as she brushed off the hollering of the drunkards that needed her attention. Since the other waitress was busy with drinking with the costumers it was mostly up to Lucy to get things done. And this one particular person already started off poorly with her. Not too nicely she placed the drink on the table.


"Is there anything else, Sir?



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